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Scope of Service
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Scope of Service


As demonstrated in the following representative project descriptions, EMC2 staff is experienced in preparing and implementing historic mine and tailings closure plans for radioactive contaminated sites located through the United States. EMC2's staff has the knowledge and in-house capability to offer site investigations, remedial design and construction, waste minimization, pollution prevention engineering and site closure planning. EMC2 has experience in conducting environmental regulatory audits to assist clients in meeting NRC and State regulations and offer program management for radioactive waste sites.

Amax Research & Development Site, Colorado - EMC2 was the Project Manager for this former 23-acre Research and Development Facility located in Golden, Colorado. Approximately 30,000 tons of uranium tailings, yttrium and radioactively contaminated soils have been excavated, transported and disposed of in a CDPHE licensed facility. EMC2 staff have managed all facets of site remediation, including site characterization, final decommissioning plans, field over-sight, cost control, interface with CDPHE, QA/QC program and involvement with neighboring home owners.

Newmire Vanadium Mill Site, Colorado - EMC2 staff prepared a site characterization plan for this former historic and abandoned 5-acre uranium mill site. The characterization plan will identify areas and estimated concentrations of radioactive contaminants as well as lead, arsenic and vanadium. MARSSIM surveys are planned using the DQO process that will provide a credible basis for proposed actions.


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