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Scope of Service
Key Technical Staff

Scope of Service


EMC2 staff experience includes a strong technical base in a wide-range of water and wastewater projects throughout the United States.  The staff has been involved in the preparation of master plans, feasibility evaluation, collection and conveyance systems design, estimating and regulatory compliance and permitting for the public and private sector clients.

West Glendale Planning Area - Glendale, AZ

  • Included approximately 8,000 acres of planning area;
  • Involved the preparation of the water and wastewater master plans;
  • Initiated by consortium of land owners seeking a regional water and wastewater solution; 
  • Coordinated with the land owners, the City, various regulatory agencies and consultants; and 
  • Established the design criteria and performed detailed hydraulic analysis of the proposed water and wastewater systems.  

Existing WWTF


City of Cottonwood – Cottonwood, AZ:

  • Assisted in the evaluation of well-head and central arsenic treatment systems;
  • Coordinated extensively with the City and vendors;
  • Included evaluation of the private water companies serving the City for potential buy-off; and
  • Data compilation and analysis of assets and liabilities of private water companies under evaluation.

Miami Wastewater Treatment Facility– Miami, AZ:

  • Evaluated siting alternatives to relocate the existing wastewater treatment facility (WWTF);
  • Evaluated packaged wastewater treatment technologies for the proposed WWTF;
  • Evaluated preliminary level cost estimates for the design, permitting and construction of the proposed WWTF;
  • Preparing permitting documents for the construction and operation of the proposed WWTF;
  • Developing detailed engineering plans, specifications and supporting studies for the proposed WWTF.

Prasada by Fulton Homes - Phase 1 – Surprise, AZ:

  • Approximately 1,000-acre subdivision;
  • Preparation of the Certificate of Assured Water Supply application and enrollment of the subdivision in a Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District; and
  • Compiled demand factors, reviewed existing hydrologic study, projected water demands and coordinating with the City of Surprise, Arizona American Water and the legal counsel.


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